The Final Days

Saturday 12th July 2014

A very lazy day. Some people didn’t get out of bed until nearly 2 in the afternoon. Some washing was done, but most of the day was spent in or around the pool. That evening we went out to Molos restaurant again. The food here is pretty amazing. It was so good we forgot to take pictures of the main course.

Sunday 13th July 2014

The final day. A run into Latchi for breakfast at Debbie’s of Latchi. Frys and omelettes all round. A day spent slowly packing and lounging around the pool. We even found time to play family games (Cards against Humanity). Packing completed, we were starting to get hungry so decided to go back to Molos restaurant one more time. Another excellent meal as shown below.

Monday 14th July 2104

A difficult day as we had to be out of the villa by 10 in the morning. Dad was up at half six into the pool for a final swim. To make sure his suit didn’t get wet he just didn’t wear it… Everybody was up and showered by 8, and by half past nine we were ready to lock up and depart.

To try and make the most of all the time we had (The flight wasn’t until half 8 in the evening) we went for a breakfast at Debbie’s. We then drove to a small vineyard in the hills overlooking Paphos. An interesting place but they possibly don’t get that many visitors. We spent about an hour there trying wine, relaxing and shopping for more touristy items.

We couldn’t drag time out to much longer so the last drive was made to Paphos Airport. We arrived there just after one in the afternoon with 5 hours to wait until we could check our bags in. The wait wasn’t to bad as we managed to secure some seats in Costa Coffee in the airport and read books until the flight was ready to book in. From there through security, through duty free to the Premier Lounge where we are now waiting to board our flight.