Cyprus Polis

Cyprus – The First Few Days

View from the villa View across the poolWell, after a very warm nights sleep dad was the first of the grown ups to try the swimming pool. But, we couldn’t relax as we had the villa’s agents coming around to go through the villa’s facilities and what to do in the local area. This was followed by the Car Hire company sending around a rep to go over the paperwork for the hire car.

Then the first adventure of the day… driving the hire car all the way to Polis to do some shopping; all done with the aid of diagrams on the back of a piece of paper. We found the supermarket and managed to get everything on the list plus Dan slipped in some extra chocolate biscuits. On the way back from Polis we stopped at the local water sports centre to book some diving for dad and Ben. They are quite happy as they have two days of diving including the Zenobia to look forward to.

By this time we were ready for lunch. Fresh pitta, salad and cold meats washed down with ice cold water and coke. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the pool with the occasional swim. Later that afternoon dad and Ben ventured out to see if they could find somewhere to get some takeaway food. Needless to say they did well and came back with a pile of mixed kebabs and starters. This was washed down with vast quantities of the local wine and several Keo beers.

Day two started very slowly with mum and dad hitting the pool at 9 in the morning. Breakfast was served and a start was made in to a very lazy day. Dad and Daniel ventured out into Latchi to get some groceries including a watermelon that weighed over 10kgs. While they were out they also booked a table at  Y and P for that night’s evening meal. The meal itself was fantastic. Dad had 4 large prawns grilled and served with salt and lemon. He was only slightly embarrassed by the waiter showing him how to peel his first prawn. His excuse was that it still had a head, tail and lots of legs. The main courses were excellent with mum and Daniel having Red Snapper and Ben having a whole sea bass (including head and tail). Ben originally asked for Grouper but was informed that it was normally served for 3 -4 people. The evening finished with fresh melon, brandy and liqueurs. Very pleasant indeed.