France – Day 11

A fairly early start today – Before lunch time.

A trip to Fougeres had been planned and everybody was looking forward to visiting the Chateau. The Chateau\Castle has been described as one of the most complete and well maintained castles in Europe.

The entry price was a very reasonable €19.50, which, considering the quality of the tour was very good value for money. The price included a multimedia tour of the castle which bought to life the day to day living in the area.

Simon was impressed by the quality of the walls and the sheer height of the ramparts and also the quality of the defences.

The visit lasted over 2 hours and is defiantly a sight we will come back and see.


From the castle we went on a short tour of the town. We moved away from the restaurants near the castle as they were priced for the tourists. In the town we found an excellent restaurant were Ben had Ham and Chips, Daniel had an omelette, Simon had spicy african sausages and chips despite being told by the restaurant owner that English people don’t like them. Nick had a goat cheese and walnut salad while Bruce played safe with Foie Gras and Gizzards salad.