France – Day 7

Today after a slow start we drove to St Malo. The purpose of the trip was to see the St Malo aquarium. Having seen the aquarium 2 years ago we decided to revisit with Simon so he could appreciate how good the attraction is.

The aquarium holds a wide range of fish including Octopus, turtles, jellyfish, sharks and some massive congor eels. There is also an area where you can physically touch various fish. Bruce was in his element as he showed the crowds his fish taming techniques.

From the touch area we moved to the submarines. This was a short underwater tour simulating being in a submarine….

All of this was followed by lunch in the aquarium. Nicki had a salad, Daniel a panini, Ben a cheeseburger with Bruce and Simon having giant hotdogs.

Leaving St Malo we stopped at a local supermarket and bought enough food to feed Simon for a day, or the rest of us for 3 days.

The rest of the day was spent with people editing photos and videos. Bruce went out for a 21km cycle ride.

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