France – Day 4

An early start to the day, with the boys all off for a day doing the high ropes at the forest of Villecartier. The rope course is a series of routes through the trees with each route harder and higher than the previous route. Having completed the training required to go on the course the boys queued at the start of the first route. This was completed quite quickly with everybody finishing it without any incident.

The second route was definitely harder but there were 2 zip lines across the lake which were very fast. In addition some of the obstacles were much harder and required more physical effort to complete.

After a break for a lunch of  crepes, omelettes and Croque Monsiuer it was onto the third route. This route was much more complex, and at its highest was about 60ft above the ground. The obstacles were a lot more demanding and the course took over an hour to complete.