France – Day 1

With breakfast eaten we cleared our cabins and made our way to the car deck. Daniel led the way and managed to navigate around several levels and decks back to the car.

With the end of the journey in sight we followed the satnav’s directions to the Gite. However with only a few miles to go the satnav decided that enough was enough and packed up. Luckily enough we knew where we were and managed to get ourselves to the nearby Supermarche. We navigated around the supermarket getting several essential supplies (Beer etc). Arriving at the checkout our new chip and pin card failed to work. Back to the old fashioned method of handing over bundles of notes.

We finally made it to the Gite, and met up with Susan. It was like we had only been away a few weeks. A home from home. We started unloading the car, while Daniel disappeared with Kristen not to be seen until lunchtime, while the other two boys made it in to the pool just as the rain started. While all this was happening Bruce received a SMS from Brittany Ferries informing him that our ferry home has been cancelled. What to do….

A phone call later we have a ferry home booked for a day earlier with no compensation (read the small print) for lost days or hotels. The only consolation being the refund of the lounge fees and a slight reduction in the cost of the ferry. (Letter to be written at the end of the holiday).