The journey to France….

The journey started at 4am on the 6th of July. The first part of the journey to Dublin was uneventful, so was the ferry to Holyhead as you can see. Well, uneventful apart from dad having 2 breakfast as he threw the first all over himself. The boys also ate and drank their body weights in the free food and drink in the Stena Plus lounge.














However, the road trip from Holyhead to Plymouth was torrential rain all of the way, with the cars in front being obscured by rain and low cloud. Several breaks for food and coffee, with dad tagging Ben and Simon at every opportunity on Facebook. We eventually arrived in Plymouth. Plymouth for what we saw of it looks very nice. The Satnav and the road signs seemed to take us around the town twice.

Waiting at the docks was a hardship, especially seeing as one of the occupants had an issue with wind. No names given!!! Once on board we dropped our bags off in our luxurious cabins and then feasted on a Pringles and peanuts buffet, with drinks on the side.

Having checked with the restaurant staff as to the opening hours for breakfast we set our alarms. Ben and Simon managed to set their alarms an hour early.