The Island Tour







Well, a whole day out of the villa touring the Island of Tobago with Neil the tour guide and a couple from Jamaica.

The journey started from the villa, via Scarborough and up to Mount Dillon where there were spectacular views of the Caribbean coast line. From there to Castara where Bruce purchased a high quality local souvenir. We then went to Englishman’s Bay which was a beautiful beach (see photo in album). We then went to Parlatuvier where the waterfall was. We all climbed up to find the source of the waterfall. There we saw Crayfish and freshwater shrimp. We went from there to Charlotteville, which was were out tour guide lived when he was younger. We went from there to Speyside where we had lunch in Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen Treehouse. We had a fantastic meal. Dan had fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, Nicki had grilled fish in Creole sauce. Bruce and Ben played safe with chicken. The meal was served home style with Breadfruit pie, Tanya Fritters, Vegetable rice, steamed vegetables and a salad. The Journey back was uneventful, following the coast round to Scarborough via Roxborough, Glamorgan, Pembroke, Goodwood and Mount St George, going past the Dwight York Stadium.