Sunday the 31st….







Well, stuff to catch up on from last night. Our neighbours in the villa behind us were pulling coconuts down from the trees in their garden. A few had fallen in to our garden. They were kind enough to chop them for us so we ended up with about 3 litres of coconut water; Goes very well with rum 🙂

Also, our security guard gave us a bag of mangoes from his garden.

Ben and Bruce spent most of the day diving, with Ben completing his first boat dives and finishing his training. Lots of fish life with some massive moray eels on the reefs.

Nicki and Daniel had a great day cleaning and tidying up, and also mopping up when the dishwasher leaked.  To recover from their hard work they made a start on some of the sweetest and juiciest mangoes they had ever eaten.

Later that afternoon we all headed to Bago’s bar to get Rotis, but ended up having BBQ instead. Nicki was very impressed by the generous gin measure she was given. There was so much gin we had to ask for another bottle of tonic. The food was OK, nothing special, and the music was very loud. Daniel couldn’t wait to leave the bar.

To end the evening we went to Sunday School; Nothing religious, just a big street party in Buccoo. Plenty of food and drink, with the food being really good. Fried banana in the main course was a first for some people, and maybe not a last.

As a side note, Bruce was told by a voluptuous local lady that he danced like a virgin, but if Nicki ever got rid of him she would take him with her.