The First Day






An early start for everybody. Despite having stayed awake on the flight over, and staying awake until 11pm, (4am UK time) most people were awake at 6am; Ben wasn’t…

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then a short wait for Ruben from Tour Tobago to arrive. Ruben (front of picture with hat) discussed several tours we could do. He also arranged for Ben’s diving lessons.

Later that day we called Geewan for a ride in to town to get some shopping. Daniel was dragged kicking and screaming from the pool, put into some clothes and sent off with Bruce. Nearly 2 hours later they returned loaded down with a pile of food and drink, having done a mini tour of the southwest of the Island.

More pool time, and then time for Bruce’s world famous curry, washed down with some wine and beer, and then an early night, with Ben and Bruce preparing for a morning of diving.