Sunday the 31st….







Well, stuff to catch up on from last night. Our neighbours in the villa behind us were pulling coconuts down from the trees in their garden. A few had fallen in to our garden. They were kind enough to chop them for us so we ended up with about 3 litres of coconut water; Goes very well with rum 🙂

Also, our security guard gave us a bag of mangoes from his garden.

Ben and Bruce spent most of the day diving, with Ben completing his first boat dives and finishing his training. Lots of fish life with some massive moray eels on the reefs.

Nicki and Daniel had a great day cleaning and tidying up, and also mopping up when the dishwasher leaked.  To recover from their hard work they made a start on some of the sweetest and juiciest mangoes they had ever eaten.

Later that afternoon we all headed to Bago’s bar to get Rotis, but ended up having BBQ instead. Nicki was very impressed by the generous gin measure she was given. There was so much gin we had to ask for another bottle of tonic. The food was OK, nothing special, and the music was very loud. Daniel couldn’t wait to leave the bar.

To end the evening we went to Sunday School; Nothing religious, just a big street party in Buccoo. Plenty of food and drink, with the food being really good. Fried banana in the main course was a first for some people, and maybe not a last.

As a side note, Bruce was told by a voluptuous local lady that he danced like a virgin, but if Nicki ever got rid of him she would take him with her.

Saturday the 30th…..







Well, we must be getting used to the time difference. A slight lie in, with bagels for breakfast. Ben spent the first part of the morning worrying about his ears, and whether he would be able to clear them. It got to the stage that he would even snap his fingers by his ears to make sure he could hear!!!!

Just after 9 Ben and Bruce were picked up by John from R and Sea Divers.  A short journey to pick up Ben’s instructor (the lovely Kate), and we arrived at the dive store. Fully kitted out we drove to Store Bay Beach. A fantastic first dive for Ben who was underwater for an hour. Loads of sea life, and fairly decent visibility.

Ben’s second dive was more of a lesson and recap of previous lessons, although he did see the moray eel shown at the top.

Mean while back at the Villa, Nicki was being treated by having her lunch made for her by Daniel. Nicki and Daniel spent the day becoming wildlife photographers taking pictures of every creature that dared raise its head in the garden. They also found out what is meant by the rainy season.

Villa Kiskadee

Villa Kiskadee Swimming Pool

Landing at Tobago was uneventful, the first step in to the heat and humidity of Tobago was a surprise for everybody. Halfway to the terminal everybody had beads of sweat running down their faces, only to be met by the arctic conditions of the arrivals hall.

Passport control and customs took a while, but all of the staff were very friendly, and did their best to ensure that everybody was processed as quickly as possible.

Outside the airport we were met by Deon and Geewan our taxi driver. A 5 minute taxi ride later we arrived at Villa Kiskadee. Not long after arriving the boys were making full use of the amenities, and Nicki had found the wine.

The First Day






An early start for everybody. Despite having stayed awake on the flight over, and staying awake until 11pm, (4am UK time) most people were awake at 6am; Ben wasn’t…

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then a short wait for Ruben from Tour Tobago to arrive. Ruben (front of picture with hat) discussed several tours we could do. He also arranged for Ben’s diving lessons.

Later that day we called Geewan for a ride in to town to get some shopping. Daniel was dragged kicking and screaming from the pool, put into some clothes and sent off with Bruce. Nearly 2 hours later they returned loaded down with a pile of food and drink, having done a mini tour of the southwest of the Island.

More pool time, and then time for Bruce’s world famous curry, washed down with some wine and beer, and then an early night, with Ben and Bruce preparing for a morning of diving.

The Journey to Tobago

After a restless night – Ben complained about the noise of the aircon, then a few hours later complained about the room being too warm, we headed down for a large buffet breakfast.

Got to the terminal with lots of time to spare, two of the party were pulled in by security. An hour of retail therapy buying gin and perfume, followed by a 15 minute walk to the gate.

9 and a half hours of flying, including a stop over in Barbados. Well fed and watered, especially as we blagged extra wine…

The Journey to Gatwick Airport

Well, the day started well with the boys not waking up early with excitement. A quick trip to the Cafe Manor (Donaghadee) for a big cooked breakfast, then back home for some last minute repacking of the hand luggage. Nicki and Bruce were relaxing before driving to the airport, but by this time Ben was wide awake and fretting that we might not make it to the airport on time; So with the car packed we left Millisle to drive to Belfast International Airport. Through check in, fast track through security and straight to the bar.

Nice flight over, but had to wait 20 minutes at Gatwick to unload as there was no bus to take us to the terminal. Baggage collected, and then straight to British Airways bag drop. Nice lady on the desk, full of chat. Shuttle to the South Terminal and then on to the Hilton for our overnight stay before flying to Tobago